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Can't access Google Drive in Canvas Mobile

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I am trying to develop training material for this summer with Google Drive integration but after only one assignment, I am stuck.

I am not able to access Google Drive in the Canvas Mobile App (iOS 10.3.2 with Canvas app v.3.18.2).

I can see Google Drive in the navigation menu for the course and it goes to the page for Google Drive but just spins. I have already established the link in a browser on the Mac for this account so it should appear. If not, I should be able to at least log in again, right?

This is all it does:

Google Drive spinning with no connection

If I were to choose Office 365, I get the login screen. Am I missing something for Google Drive?

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Hi  @Hildi_Pardo ! We're planning on updating this entire flow for the new assignment view we're building now and expecting to release in Q1 of 2019. I'll be posting more information about that soon, but one of the things we're looking to improve is the cloud assignment experience from the student app. Ideally, the student would be able to open a Canvas cloud assignment and tap to launch Google or Office apps directly from that assignment. We believe that's possible. We're also planning on ironing out the submission flows for students as best we can -- whether inside our app or outside -- so getting files/submissions into Canvas from mobile doesn't feel so slow. Thanks for this feedback.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Bill.Pratt‌, 

I tested this out and got the same issue. At this point, I would suggest you do some or all of the following: 

  1. Report it to your local Canvas support team and ask them to put in a ticket with Canvas Support
  2. Leave feedback inside the app using the following

I will continue investigating this on my end, but wanted to share my results. Thanks


Wonder if there is a new issue on IOS.  The first time I tried, I actually got a message that said my LTI app was configured incorrectly.   I tried on my desktop to make sure it still worked.  Went to app again and it just spins like yours.  I will turn in a ticket as well.

I checked and had a new version of the Canvas App ready to load but that does not correct the issue.   Submitted a ticket.


I got an answer back on my ticket this morning.  The answer was the LTI doesn't work in the IOS app.


Hi all,

The Google Apps LTI doesn't play nicely with Canvas mobile apps (or mobile browser) today. We need a couple of volunteers to consult as we look to improve this experience. If yours is a GAFE school and you're interested in talking with us about your GAFE situation, please respond here.


 @peytoncraighill  - We aren't a GAFE school, but I have the ability to test. Let me know if you need any help. 

we received the same reply from support.

We would love to help make this product better as we are at a loss without full functionality. Please count us in!

Count us in! We'd be happy to help. Smiley Happy

Greetings Peyton, our District is about to launch a G Suite and Chromebook pilot with 12 teachers and Canvas is going to be a huge part of that. We would love to assist in getting this working on mobile devices too.