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Can't unpublish a quiz (with no student activity)

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I'm trying to unpublish a quiz, but I receive a message that says "Can't unpublish if there are student submissions". I have checked and there has been no activity. Any idea how I can get around this? I have successfully unpublished 2 quizzes, but this one is being tempermental. Thanks for your help.

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It happened to me today, on accident. I thought I was in student view, but took the test as an instructor. Now I can't unpublish. Called the hotline, they can't fix it. They told me I would have to export and reimport the course, which I am not going to do. I was able to put a password into the test though, so the students cannot get into it until I give them the password.

Bug? No, sorry, this is more like a fundamental flaw. Unbelievable...

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By any chance did you have your "Test Student" take the quiz?  I have found that even if you reset your test student, you cannot unpublish a quiz that has been taken by your test student.

I've been meaning to ask about this.  Should this be?  This has caused considerable consternation with some of my faculty as I have told them their test student can do just about anything but a Collaboration.

Always seeking more Canvas clarity.


Good question, it never used to have this issue but today I tried with a fresh course and I get an error if I reset student view so something is buggy perhaps.  Since I can't reset my Student View it won't let me Unpublish right now either.  I'd log a ticket on a specific course to find out for sure. 

- Melanie

I think I have stumped Canvas on this one.  Their last response was I apologize for giving you the wrong information. You should be able to un-publish your Quiz after resetting your Test Student. I have passed this issue to our Engineers and you will be updated via this ticket once this has been resolved. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need any further assistance. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

and that was August 19.

Radio silence since then.


A bug related to my issue is being fixed this weekend.  Might try it after the production release.


Student View Reset

Resetting Student View while taking a quiz as a test student does not affect the quiz.

Explanation: When an instructor enabled Student View, took a quiz as a test student, and reset Student View while the quiz was running, Canvas generated an error message. This behavior occurred because resetting the test student destroys all test student submissions, and Canvas was trying to find the submission for the quiz that was in progress. Canvas code has been updated to allow Student View to be reset at any time.

- Melanie

I ran into this today and resetting student view worked for me - looks like the issue was corrected.


I wasn't aware of this issue until I tested a quiz as a test student, then reset the student. All was as it should be with the quiz, so I went to unpublished it, but alas, I was told you can't unpublished a quiz if there are submissions. Looked in the grade book - no submission. Looked in moderate quiz - no indication that anyone had taken the quiz, yet still told that it can't be unpublished.

Searched for an answer and found this post.

This seems to be a bug that is yet to be fixed.

I ran into this today and resetting student view worked for me - looks like the issue was corrected.

I ran into the same problem, and unfortunately, the issue is still open.