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Can't upload a file into canvas

I can't get a file to load to my canvas. It just keeps saying failed to create new item.  Please help.  Thanks

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @gacasazza  , and  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

We would love to help you, but need some additional information. Are you asking as a student or as a teacher? Where are you trying to upload the file(s)?

Some general help just in case you are in a hurry...........

As a Teacher: 

As a Student:

I hope this is helpful,


As a teacher. Most files I can upload but occasionally I find a power point that won’t.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @gacasazza , as long as the PowerPoint or file isn't bigger than 2GB you should be able to upload the file ok into Canvas. There are occasional glitches here and there, but it shouldn't happen very often and if you try again you should be able to get the file to load. My recommendation is that next time you find this happening, contact Canvas Support so they can look into the situation and see what might be causing the problem.