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Can there be (huge) delays in recorded Canvas Conferences?

A teacher needs help with viewing concluded conferences on canvas. There's a concluded conference from over an hour ago and it's not available for viewing.   The teacher (and students) can't even view a short "trial" conference from several days ago. 


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Rebecca, I think this is the same as your question from a few days ago, Am I understanding correctly that you have at least one concluded conference that has been concluded for over a day that is not available for viewing?

I would go ahead and submit a support case on this in case there is anything that can be discovered and done right away. That investigation may also turn up something helpful about the way conferences are performing right now. I am also trying to find out if there are any system-wide delays that users should be expecting during this time.

OK, so conference recordings should be available within 24 hours. Often, that can happen much faster (within 1-2 hours) but during a time of heavy usage as we are seeing now, these recordings are likely to take much closer to the full 24 hours.

recordings are likely to take much closer to the full 24 hours.

I have -- understandably! -- been waiting since Friday (3/13).

[:-)] Mark

I'm trying to find out more about the potential for greater than 24hr wait times. I'll let you know as soon as I have any info on that but if anyone else finds something out through another channel please share with us. When your recording does appear it would be good to know as well. Thanks for bearing with us and BigBlueButton as we work to meet the increased demands of conferencing.

 @markzajac  and rpsimon we're still thinking recordings should be processed within 24 hours so if you have one that is taking longer than that and is necessary for viewing I would contact support about it.

we're still thinking recordings should be processed within 24 hours 

Could it be something at my end?  Does our Canvas administrator need to "activate" the recordings feature?  

Our students are away for spring break.  I attempted some test recordings, without inviting any students.  Could that be the problem?  No recording if there are no invited participants?

[:-)] Mark

If you are able to start the conference and start a recording within the conference, then I think everything is enabled that should be required. I don't think you need participants to record a conference and have that recording appear later in the Concluded Conferences section.


I have also waited more than a day to see a conference recording appear.

A system message from Canvas gives this warning:

Conferences are powered by BigBlueButton, a free service to Canvas users. Extreme increases in usage could cause performance issues. In the event that BigBlueButton is unable to meet current or future demands, Canvas also partners with Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, and other video conferencing tools who are offering free or discounted services.

[:-)] Mark