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Can you add a rubric to a test in Quizzes.Next? If so, how?

I would like to add a rubric so that I can grade my test. It was easy to add a rubric in the older version, I can't figure out how to do it in this new "" version. Thanks for you advice!

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Hi Welcome to the Canvas Community! Quizzes.Next isn't my current area of expertise but I am going to share this with the Quizzes.Next User Group‌ to see if they know more about this. I did read in this lesson, How do I add a rubric to a quiz?, "You cannot use a rubric for grading in quizzes, since quiz scores are calculated based on the number of points assigned to each quiz question." Are you referring to online quizzes with all of the questions built in to the quiz?


I forgot - I used to make my unit test an "assignment" so that I can use a

rubric. Sorry for the confusion! I guess a better question would be, can

you add a rubric to a quiz in quizzes next?


Thanks for the reply! Would you like to add a rubric in Quizzes.Next like it works in classic Quizzes? ...or would you like to be able to use the rubric for grading (documenting earned points) in Quizzes.Next?


I would like to use a rubric for grading (documenting earned points) in Quizzes.Next. I want to give a 5 question essay test and I'd like to be able to grade each question independently. Thanks!

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Community Team, I too would like to Welcome you to the Canvas Community! I was able to add a rubric to a Quizzes.Next assessment and the rubric displays in SpeedGrader. The values entered in the rubric don't override auto-graded questions, so the rubric would theoretically be used for providing guidance to students and outcomes mastery measurement.

Here's how I added the rubric to a Quizzes.Next assessment: Assignments > Select Quizzes.Next assessment > Click kabob menu (three vertical dots) > Select Edit > Click More Options > Scroll down to the bottom > Select + Rubric > Add the Rubric >  Save.


Thank you! I was able to add a rubric this way!

I think I am confused - can you use the rubric to grade? When I tried to click the box next to "use rubric for assignment grading" it said that the assignments total points were at NaN and that rubric had a score of 20 so the maximum possible score will be NaN%. I'm not sure why it says that because I set the point value to 20. 

Highlighted, my preliminary testing indicates that grading with a rubric in Quizzes.Next does not override auto-graded questions, so the rubric works just as it is documented for Classic Canvas Quizzes. As Adam stated above: "You cannot use a rubric for grading in quizzes, since quiz scores are calculated based on the number of points assigned to each quiz question." You would still need to grade each question individually, and the rubric would serve as a supplemental tool for collecting mastery data.

Highlighted this documented in the official Canvas docs somewhere or did you just happen upon the +Rubric button,  As far as I can tell, the button does not show up for other LTI tool assignments (although you can add a rubric to them, by creating the assignment and rubric before changing the submission type to LTI.  To the best of my knowledge, the + Rubric button only appears in the Edit Assignment view for Quizzes.Next assignments.  Do you happen to know if there are other assignment types or conditions that cause the button to show up in the Edit view of the assignment.

Highlighted, I only discovered the +Rubric button when I went to test it for the purposes of this discussion. As to other assignment types/conditions, this would be a good question to post under the relevant lesson, How do I edit an assessment from Quizzes.Next in the Assignments page?