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Can you have a "next" button on a course home page?

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Is it possible to have a "next" button on a home page? I set up a content page as the front page and it's in a module but when I go to the course, the next button does not initially show up. It is only visible when I go to pages or access it through modules. This is a very simple course for the public through our extension office and I'd prefer to keep it simple and not have options in the left side bar. 

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Hello Deactivated user,

I just tested this out myself. I do not think that it is possible when a page is loaded as the course Home page.

If it's absolutely mandatory that there be a next button at the bottom when they see the Home Page, I wonder if you may want to consider having the Course Home Page set as the modules page and then have them click the actual Home page from the module? (How do I change the Course Home Page?)

If you go that route, I wonder if you may also want to consider setting requirements that they view the pages in the module sequentially? (How do I add requirements to a module? )

An easier workaround may be just including a link to the next page at the bottom of the Home Page. From there, it should load with the previous/next buttons.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted, but I hope it helps!

Thank you for your reply, Alex.

They are moving from a full course on to this additional category certification so I was trying to match up styles to make the transition easy for those that aren't computer literate. I had considered keeping it as a modules page but that isn't visually appealing and can be overwhelming to non-students. I already have requirements and prereqs set up for the modules to make sure they go through everything in order. The link at the bottom was the work around I planned to use if the next button wasn't available. Great minds think a like. Smiley Happy

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