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Cannot copy content from one course to another

When attempting to copy an assignment (three vertical dots – Copy to – from the Select a Course drop-down menu, there are multiple courses to choose from (adv and regular), but all with the same name. 

  1. How do teachers know which course to choose?
  2. We receive a message “There was a problem starting the copy operation” and cannot copy to another course.

Is anyone else seeing this?  We submitted a ticket to Canvas on Monday, but still have yet to receive a response.

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Adventurer III

Hi @amcmillan ,

This is a known issue, Canvas added the ability for past courses to display which has caused many problems.  You can read more on Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-01-20) 

I have been telling my teachers the workaround @audra_agnelly mentioned:

  1. Open the course you are sharing to in another tab
  2. Copy the course ID from that course’s url. The course ID is the 6-digit number that follows courses/ in the url.
  3. Return to the course you are copying from, proceed to copy your item like normal. Instead of selecting from the drop down, paste the copied course ID in the select a course box. Click on the course name when it populates.

This works wonderfully!