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Cannot edit assignment in development course: "closed grading period"


I am working on a development course (I made the course rather than it being populated in my account from the school)  to prepare for remote and hybrid instruction this year. I am new to Canvas and I am doing my due diligence to watch videos and train myself on everything, but I CANNOT figure out how to change the points or other settings on the assignments. The notification at the top of the screen says354379_pastedImage_2.png

and I cannot change anything like


I even went to this portion of the setting and there were no dates listed, so I added dates in case a specified window would help. It didn't.


Does anyone have insight into why I cannot do this? I can't plan out my course without know...planning it out!

Thanks for your help.


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I wanted to add that I cannot save assignments either- this red box shows up and disallows me from saving. HELP!

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