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Cannot fully display the 'Submit File' pop up window !!!

My computer cannot fully display the 'Submit File' pop up window(after clicking 'upload submission'), only the top half is shown, the bottom half is under but not able to scrod down, i can only upload google doc for now, cannot use text input

i try out different display setting still can not solve it, anyone have any suggestions? plz help @calvinlee200130

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I'm not sure why the Upload button is not displaying for you.  I've tried to replicate the issue on a Windows computer using Google Chrome, and no matter how I resize my browser window I still always have access to the Upload button at the bottom of the screen although it is often half cut off.  Have you tried using a different web browser?  Another thought is if you have your computer set to resize content that could be messing with how things get sized on a web page.

If you are able to, click the Help icon in Canvas and use the Report a Problem link to check with Canvas support. They will have more access to your instance of Canvas and will be better able to look at the issue than those of us in the Canvas community.