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Canvas API Swift Integration

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, I began developing a student planner app for iOS. The user is able to import their assignments from Google Classroom (and hopefully Canvas) and drag them onto a calendar, indicating when they want to study for the assignment. I have completed the Classroom integration, and I’m ready to shift my focus to Canvas. I want to use the Canvas API within my app—I have already created an instance of Canvas LMS, so I'm able to obtain a developer key. I'm having trouble finding any sort of documentation in Swift. I tried to integrate CanvasKit (which is in Objective-C) with a bridging header, but the API is loaded with errors that I can't fix. Does anyone have any advice? Is there any documentation/sample projects I could investigate?

Thank you!!

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Sorry I don't have an answer for this!  What might be a good idea is for you to share this question in these areas as the reps would have a stronger level in tech support.

1) Contact your Canvas CSM

2) Submit a ticket to the Canvas Service Cloud and have it escalated to Instructure.

Good luck!