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Hello there everyone, is there anyways I can change the login screen background apart from the dashboard? I tried adding a CSS style for the body tag and it changed the background in the dashboard too.


Allen A.

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Part of that was my fault.  From my screenshot, I forgot to mention that I was working in beta and that it would be available to you once they pushed out the production release over the weekend.  So now you should be able to do the same in your production environment.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @aampueda ​...

I'm not completely sure this answers your question, but in the most recent Production Release Notes, there was a section on customizing the login screen.  However, this assumes that your instance of Canvas has the new UI/UX enabled.  Please check out this link:  Does this help answer your question?

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It would help if we had the older version. Most of the guides that are provided are very outdated. I don't get a menu to customize the login screen itself. Right now the only thing I wish I could do is change the white background on the login screen without altering the background on the next page after you login. Thanks for your reply.

Best Regards,

Allen A.


You should be able to manipulate the following class to change the login background without it affecting the background once logged in (assuming you have the new UI turned on):


I added the class but still I am not able to get the background changed. I attached a screenshot showing what I did.

I added the following piece of code:

body.ic-Login-Body {

  background-image: url("");

  background: #000000;


am I doing anything wrong?

Screenshot 2015-09-17 15.35.41.png

Did you try "background-color" for the second line?   Technically, I think "background" should work but sometimes I never understand why a shorthand property doesn't work.

Beautiful campus picture, by the way.


While background-color should work, the background color is also something that can be changed in the new UI theme editor.  See below.

2015-09-18 10.04.27 am.png

I see what the problem is now. I don't have that menu in my admin left panel, let me add another screenshot so you can see what is on my end.

Screenshot 2015-09-18 10.04.56.png


Thank you so much, I actually took that picture of our library in campus with my drone.

Apologies for the delay in responding.  Looks like  @canvas_admin ​ has been helping you out.

Most of the guides that are provided are very outdated.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean here.  If you are using the new UI and referring back to the Guides on how to do things, those Guides haven't all been updated to show screen shots of the new UI.  Not all Canvas schools are using the new UI yet.  So, that's why you'll typically see wording similar to this at the top of Canvas Guide pages:

Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). Depending on your Canvas view, your page design may vary from the images shown in this lesson. However, the functionality and location of the components remain the same.

Also, on each Guide page, you can click on the version number at the top right corner of the Guide to see what changes have been made and when (you can even compare two versions side-by-side).

Hope this helps.