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Canvas Chat - Please Help

I am a student user of Canvas. I like to use Canvas chat to communicate with my teachers and other students. However, lately when I've tried to get on, the chat will not work. I can see the history but that's all. This only happens on my school laptop, a Dell Venue Pro with windows 8. On my desktop at home I can use the chat just fine. I tried using a different browser to open chat on my laptop, but it still didn't work. I think there is something on my laptop preventing chat from opening but I don't know what. Anyone have any ideas?

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On first load I wasn't able to access chat either.   I refreshed the page and it loaded.   I'm curious - does your school limit or block maybe?

No I was using it just fine until Friday. That's when it stopped working.​, is anyone else at your school having this problem? If not, then it probably is a computer issue (any idea if updates have recently been pushed through?). If other students at your school are having the same problem then it's probably something that was changed with your school or an update pushed through to your school computers. Regardless, If this is a school computer, then your best bet would probably be to contact computer support at your school and see if they can help or provide more information about what's going on.

Sorry I didn't make that clear. Everyone else can use chat at my school, which is why I'm really confused. And I can see the history so I can see what everyone is saying. As for my computer, I tried updating but there were no updates. I also used my anti-malware software to see if it was some kind of malware that was blocking it, but it showed that there was no malware.

Do you have admin on your computer?  If so maybe it's a DNS issue?   You could open command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.  Then close out of your browsers and try again.   Also i'd clear all of your caches out in your browsers too.

this stinks. still wont work​, have you tried talking to the IT people (or Canvas Admins) at your school? If this is a school computer then they should be able to help you with this.


I'd encourage you to submit a ticket from within Canvas "HELP" button and submit the ticket so you can have your school admin escalate this issue to Canvas Support and evaluate the situation and see if they can provide some insight.