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Canvas Cheating

Since school is online currently, everything I teach/assign is now on Canvas. What can I use to ensure my students are cheating? Please list some websites/add-ons/anything that I can use. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MsNorthan1986 -

We recently adopted Respondus, but that's still not completely fool-proof as students could use multiple devices as they complete an assessment. My colleagues and I have worked to make more open-ended responses for students to complete, and some are even moving to more project-based learning. The application of knowledge is an independent exercise, so with written work and with the help of Unicheck (our plagiarism checker), we can tell whether or not the words or original to the student.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MsNorthan1986 


You may also be interested in this blog with accompanying video by our very own @kona , a true rock star of online teaching and learning, Quiz Settings to Maximize Security

This other document might also prove helpful,Best Practices for Online Exams,

The oft repeated response is to build better assessments, and to never expect full integrity - it just ain't possible! This is good advice. Here are some web-based resources you might also ind helpful......

Good luck,


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