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Canvas Dashboard - Major Customization or Integration?

I am looking for examples from organizations who have done any of the following:

  1. Extensively customized the Canvas Dashboard to include school-wide news/events, links to student resources (unrelated to Canvas support) and fully customized branding, etc.
  2. Incorporated elements of the Canvas Dashboard such as links to courses, To Do, Coming Up and Recent Feedback into an external (to Canvas) student portal page.
  3. Develop an external (to Canvas) student portal page with a single-signon link to the Canvas Dashboard (where students would not have to re-authenticate to open Canvas.)

Clearly, I am looking for more customization than the Canvas admin settings or custom CSS or JavaScript files could provide.

I would be interested to see what you've developed or, if confidentiality is a concern, discuss your experience in developing one of these solutions.


Dan Murphy

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @dmurphy1 ,

I am going to go ahead and change this over to a Discussion since there is not really a single correct answer.  This will not prevent anyone from seeing this question or participating in the responses.  I am also going to share this with the‌,‌, and the‌ groups as they may also be able to provide you with some examples.


Thank, Robbie. Sorry for posting it in the wrong place.

- Dan

Good to know. I am glad you’re watching out for community.

All the best,

- Dan


We have a suite of "pages" hosted in the school's website that probably fit your 2nd option.  The pages we have are :

  • Classes page for Teachers
    • lists all their current classes and their sections
    • selecting a class displays a list of all enrollments
    • each enrollment includes parents and links to view their timetable, a progress page (see below) , a feedback page and their email
    • a tab to allow bulk emails to students and parents
    • a tab to view all assignments for the selected class with submissions and marks
  • User search page
    • each result includes a timetable link
    • list of all classes with a link to it in class
    • we are planning to add the students To Do from canvas
  • Progress page displaying a students progress for a class (screenshot below) includes
    • grade scales
    • interactive assignment groups bar chart
    • table of results for all assignments in the selected assignment groups
    • interactive spider graph of outcomes
    • a line graph showing submissions for selected outcomes
    • description of the outcome
    • we are planning to display feedback for each submission
  • Feedback page which includes
    • Table of all submissions including any feedback 
    • dialog displaying rubric details

Hope this is sort of what you are looking for.  Happy to discuss in more detail if that helps.

Progress page screenshot.