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Canvas Data: communication_channel_dim missing 'slack' as on option in type field

This is more of an FYI rather than a question:

The "type" field in the "communication_channel_dim" data table has been changed to allow 'slack' as an option.  The documentation here: has not yet been updated to include this new type.  There are possibly others as well, but only 'slack' is showing up in our data set as new.

If you use the Embulk data loader and the Embulk configuration files provided by Robert Carroll of the Clark County School District located on GitHub here:

You will need to update the "communication_channel_dim.yml.liquid" file to reflect the new option.

As these tables should basically be read-only to you (i.e. the only updates you do to these tables should come as part of the data dump from Instructure) I would recommend removing the constraint completely as this will future-proof the configuration against further changes to the enumerated "type" values.

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