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Canvas Discussion Posts by Students are Disappearing

I have had numerous e-mails from students this semester who have posted a reply to a discussion board on Canvas, only to find it was not there when they went back in later in the week. This has been occurring all semester, with various discussions. It came up in our instructor group, and has been a problem in several of the classes in our group, so it is not isolated. It seems to be a recent occurrence since Canvas changed the format/layout of their discussions.  It is very frustrating and time-consuming to students to have to re-do their work. Even if they save a copy somewhere else, it still has to be re-entered. They leave the discussion for the week assuming their work is done and it is not. They often don't know it is not entered until they receive a lower grade, and then we all have to take time to go back and sort things out. So it is both their time and mine. I am hoping Canvas can either fix this glitch asap, or go back to the previous format that was problem-free for many years.  Thank you. 

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