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Canvas Quiz Log Accuracy with Student Tech Issues

I have a question about interpreting quiz log data. We do virtually proctored exams with Examity. If a student is kicked out of the proctoring program for some reason, it is my understanding that they can still access the exam in Canvas. We have had several cases of students who have gotten kicked out of proctoring and have claimed that they either then logged out of Canvas or had their browser freeze and were unable to see their exam anymore, but they have activity logs that show question views for nearly the full 90 minutes of the timed exam. The exam attempt shows up as blank. In one particular case, the student said they were kicked out of Examity roughly two minutes into the exam, their browser froze, and they were unable to get back into the exam. But the activity log shows question views for nearly an hour and a half. I understand that the accuracy of these logs is not definitive. I am trying to understand what I am seeing here. Has anybody else had experiences with what happens with the log if a quiz is left to time out without any additional action? Has anybody had similar issues?  

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Community Coach

Hi Emily,

We recently did a pilot with Examity so I'm somewhat familiar with it, and from my understanding the proctors and Examity don't have much control over anything in Canvas.  The only real control they have is over when a student starts and that's controlled just by a password.  So if a student did were to leave the Examity session, either intentionally or because of something not working I don't think it would have any bearing on them being able to continue access the quiz.  

Regarding the logs..... logs can usually only tell part of a story.  If you see logs continue with the same question listed over and over as being viewed or saved, this is likely the auto save feature and it could be there without a student actually doing anything on the quiz.  But if you see entries for different questions; someone is controlling the web browser and moving to different parts of the quiz.  That is why I would key in on is that the logs say was happening, not just mere entries.  

Hope that helps a little.


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