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Canvas Report - Configure Report

A novice question. In Settings > Canvas > Reports, you can configure and run default reports. This works fine, producing a downloadable file. But how do you then re-configure to run the report again? The button has changed to "Run Report".

Related, I ran two reports and got a "Failed to generate file" error. What would be the likely reason for this?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @dm200400600 ...

The easiest way to re-run a report after you have just ran it is to exit out of the "Settings" screen by going to a different screen, and then returning to the "Settings" >> "Reports" tab.  You'll be able to re-run the report using whatever settings you need.

Hope this helps.  Take care, and be well.


Thank you for the reply.

I am testing it in Beta but would assume this works the same in all instances. When I leave and return, any reports I have not run still have the grey button "Configure" next to them, any reports I have run will still have a green button with "Run report" on it. I still can't figure out how to get back to being able to configure the report again, I can only re-run the same one.

Hello there, @dm200400600 ...

Sorry for the delay in my reply.  As a Canvas administrator, I went to our "Reports" tab, and the only one with a "Run Report" button is the "Outcome Export".  All the other reports I can run have the "Configure..." button.  I'm not sure if the screenshot you shared is also or the "Outcome Export" row?  If so, I think those outcomes are for at the Canvas account level, so there wouldn't really be anything more to "configure".  (By clicking on the "?" icon next to this row, I see the following: "This report shows all learning outcomes that exist within this account. The resulting csv file will have one row per outcome, and will show the details of all associated attributes with each outcome.")   If you click on "Configure" for some of the other reports, you can select which Term you want to run the report for.

Does this help at all?  Looking forward to hearing back from you on this...thanks!