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Canvas Student Tutorial Videos

We had been using Canvas tutorial videos in our courses for students. Now the links all seem to be broken. Example: Can this be fixed, or will we have to relink everything.

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Explorer II

Hi @jessica_gentry!

I have been updating links to videos as well and have found it difficult to sometimes find their new location.

You might find these two links to be helpful as you search for the new location of this specific video.

Hopefully those help you!


Community Advocate
Community Advocate


Howdy; hope all is well. I "feel you" on this question as our courses also pull a lot of content from the community.

Yesterday during a much needed platform migration planned redirects did not actually redirect. Most are now fixed and Canvas is working to address the remaining. Updates posted to

So soon, hopefully! 🙂

Sky V. King, FIU Online

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