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Canvas Studio (ARC) Sign-in Issue

When I share a video through Canvas Studio, why is there no sign on pass through where Canvas can actually see the video?

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I'm not sure I understand the question.

Canvas does authenticate the user to Studio. Studio is an LTI and so the user information is passed during the LTI launch.

I spent a good deal of the 2018 InstructureCon trying to figure out how to get into (then) Arc through the API without having to log in. I finally did it by doing a headless LTI launch. There was some Java Web Token stuff that Arc was doing to talk to Canvas, but I couldn't use that other than to make sure I sent it back. By the end of the conference, I had it working, but haven't had an opportunity to do anything with it.


Here's what happens, I share a video through Studio, end user receives email saying that I have shared the video with user. User clicks the link in the email, email then takes them to a login screen. One user I shared a video with had to reset her password in order to gain access through the Studio.

Thanks for your help.

 @ericwhitmer ,

Thank you for clarifying, that makes a lot more sense.

Was the user logged into Canvas with their default browser before they clicked the link? To see what you were experiencing, I shared a video and then opened the link in a browser I wasn't logged into.  I could not share it with someone who wasn't in the Canvas system already. 

This is what I got


I clicked Canvas Login and signed into Canvas. After a couple of automatic redirects, the video came up for me just fine.

If your user had to change their password, then it seems they were confused, which is understandable. The email and password screen are for Arc (a Studio wannabe), not the username and password for Canvas and they won't work with each other. In fact, most people do not have an Arc password set because they've never logged in directly, only through Canvas.

As an LTI, it doesn't share Canvas password. You can log in through Canvas, kind of like you can log into places using a Google login, but the password on that system isn't set to the one on the system you're using to login. That external system (Canvas or Google) says it's okay and shares some information, but not the password.

Changing the password in Arc doesn't change the password in Canvas, nor does changing the password in Canvas change it for Arc (I've got to back and reset my passwords for both because I tested this before writing it).

What your user should have done is clicked the Canvas Login button and signed into Canvas. I will admit that the "--- or ---" line is easily missed and so it may look like the "Canvas Login" is just a header rather than an option.


That is not usually the case, as we adopted this product at the same time we adopted Canvas almost a year ago. We are all still learning how to best leverage the platform.

That is not usually the case.

Again with the that. I write a lot of stuff, said several things that you might disagree with, and don't know what you mean when you don't define something before you refer to it.

I did some more looking into things. I went to and this is what I saw:


Surprise! You don't have a Canvas Login button.

My first question would be why not and my second question would be why didn't you mention this in your response? We don't work for Canvas. We're Canvas users like you. We don't have any access to your systems to know how you have things setup. I had to take your email and start digging (by the way, I couldn't find Canvas from your website, I just had to guess about what URL you were using to access it). Even then, we can't get past that initial login screen to do any additional troubleshooting.

You have an external authentication system setup for Canvas with the WSO2 identity server. We don't use WSO2, but we do have an external authentication system.

There is the ability for someone to view Arc Videos through their Canvas logins, it's through that Canvas Login button that you don't have. 

I did check this morning and being logged into Canvas ahead of time won't bypass the login screen, but clicking on the Canvas Login button doesn't make me login again.

That means that if you don't have the Canvas Login button, that you won't be able to get in without entering a password.

Now it's starting to make sense.

The Canvas Login option isn't something that we set up; our Customer Success Management (CSM) team did it for us. They also did something so that Arc shows up in our global navigation and becomes available on the course menu and in the Rich Content Editor. I will say that the installation didn't go smoothly for us and they made one of our students named "James Jones" an admin instead of me, but we were able to figure it out.

I would suggest reaching out to Canvas Support and find out why you don't have the Canvas Login option in Arc and what it will take for you to get it.


I apologize for being difficult. The reason why I went this route first is to see what other users are doing first before escalating to the Canvas support team. I do appreciate you assisting me. I'll need to run this by my superiors as I only am an Instructional Designer Admin for my Canvas instance.

Thank you again and I apologize for making this difficult.

I hope you have a wonderful day.