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Canvas Studio Quiz Grades

I embedded a Canvas Studio Video with quiz in an assignment. The assignment is showing up in Canvas Grades and is syncing to my school system, but the student grades for the quizzes are not showing. What am I doing wrong?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

hi @armstronga -

When you build your assignment, don't embed the content using the Rich Content Editor. Instead, use the External Tool and select Studio for your submission type. When that box opens, you'll see the options to add your Studio Quiz! A couple of clicks to confirm then add your due dates/times and points. Now, when students complete the questions, you'll see them in Speedgrader. 🙂

How do I create a Canvas Studio video quiz in a course? 

The first few times feel a little awkward, but after that, it becomes a routine. If you have any follow-up questions, please reply!

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