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Canvas Studio

If an instructor creates a video in Canvas Studio (from the Global Navigation option) and that Instructor leaves...does the video stay with the course?

I am a designer with admin rights.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @KrisBumsted ...

Interesting question.  I'm not sure if I have an answer for you, but you could certainly test this out on your own since you have admin rights to your Canvas environment.  When you say that an instructor leaves, are you also deleting that person's account from your school's Canvas environment completely?

You could either use your school's Canvas "production" environment (the environment you always sign into) or your school's Canvas "test" environment (a separate environment where you can play around with things and not disturb anything in the "production" environment).

In either case, you could create a "sandbox" course and then create a "dummy" account.  Then, once the "dummy" account has been created, enroll that user in your "sandbox" course with the "Teacher" role.  Sign in as the "dummy" account, and then add a video to the Studio library via the "Studio" global navigation button on the left-hand side of Canvas.  Log in to the "sandbox" course, and embed the Studio video.  Then, sign out of the "dummy" role.  Log in with your own account, and completely delete the "dummy" account you created.  Then, still logged in as you, go into that "sandbox" course to see if they embedded video still exists and is playable for you and students.

I hope I've understood your question correctly.  If not, please let me know.  Hope this helps, though.  Take well.


We have the same question.  Perhaps we will have to do as @chofer smartly suggested, but I was hoping somebody had the answer as to what happens to Studio videos when the creator no longer has an account in Canvas.  Sharing the videos allows for copying the video into the other's account, but any course content with the original videos embedded would no longer work I suppose. Assuming the "share-e" also has permission to copy the original owner's course with embedded Studio videos.

I don't suppose you've tested yet, @KrisBumsted?