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Canvas Training for Teacher In-Service?

Hi, I'm starting a new job at a school that has been using Canvas for quite some time.  I'm very new to Canvas (just set up my account a couple of days ago) and just spent over 20 hours completing the courses "Growing With Canvas" and "Be the Hero PSK12."  So although I haven't asked my principal yet, I would imagine that he would want me to provide training at In-Service for teachers before school starts.  Can anyone recommend or share resources for these types of sessions?  I located the Kung Fu Canvas course and I am curious if anyone else anything to share?  Is there some type of refresh course maybe?  Thanks so much.

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As a teacher who despises disorganized PD, may I suggest you begin with planning for your audience. If teachers have been using Canvas then it’s important you present something they can take back to the classroom immediately. If teachers haven’t adopted it yet then find a helpful reason for them to use Canvas. Maybe there are efficiency tips, design tips, template ideas, etc. that you can present. This will all depend upon your audience. 

Good luck and let us know. 

Thank you @Layne_Heiny.  I am going to meet with my principal on Tuesday next week, so I think it would be a good idea to mention these things.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi rpsimon

You cannot change the fact that you are new to Canvas, and that's okay! Since you are new, you do not want to fall into the trap of presenting on something in which your audience might know well more than you do. So here are my thoughts.

I hope this list is useful.


 @kmeeusen ‌ this is brilliant!  Also, I think the Commons would be something to share because it seems from doing my research, my school has never even used it before.  Thanks!

 @kmeeusen ‌ so I just spoke with my principal today.  This is what he would like for me to do:
1) Canvas Training for New Teachers - one hour session.  I would like to create my own Canvas course for this to teachers will be able to participate as students thus enabling them to see from a student's perspective.  Since this will only be a one hour session (which is clearly not enough), what modules do you recommend for me to include in the course?  They will have "hands on" time to set up one class including a home page and other items.

2) A step by step tutorial for teachers to have to set up their classes

3) A 35 minute EdTech course - I am thinking of focusing on Canvas again - specifically new features.  I know my school has not used the Canvas Commons yet, so that's something that I want to include.  I don't think they've used the new Gradebook either.  What else would you recommend for a session like this?  I also want to show them how to contact me for support through the Canvas Dashboard Help link instead of emailing me.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi again, rpsimon

Creating a Canvas classroom for you faculty training is always a good idea, and for a variety of reasons:

  • You can teach faculty how to do something like create a quiz, hands-on in one hour. But, there are lots of nuances, details, and options available that could not be covered in that same hour. Your faculty could explore those at their leisure in the Canvas classroom.
  • Faculty who might not be able to attend live, can tune in virtually and learn the material self-paced in the Canvas classroom.
  • You can provide guided practice opportunities.
  • You can provide assessments if learning needs to be documented.
  • You can make them "self-enroll" to limit manual enrollment, and keep a record of participants, and
  • It can act as a life-cycle reference tool for your faculty.

This could be a standing training room, with additional modules provided as new training is developed.

There are some set-up tutorials and checklists available in this Community and in Canvas Commons - steal and modify is my motto!  Try here for a start Canvas User Engagement - Plan 

A lot of what you mention in item #3, and a check list, can be included in your training classroom.

Here are some other resources and sources of inspiration...

 So much more out there. Poke around in some of this Community's corners, closets and back shelves. Lots of gooding.


Community Team
Community Team

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this discussion thus far. rpsimon has posted a related discussion prompt at  My school's new teachers have one hour to learn Canvas. Help! and I'm providing this link so we can associate the conversations and unify responses.