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Canvas checklist for teachers????

My principal would like a document, that we could send out to teacher for them to basically check-off where they are in using canvas.  Kind of like:

  • I'm using modules in Canvas
  • I'm using Assignments in Canvas
  • I'm using discussion in Canvas, etc. so that we can show them there is room for them to grow as a teacher in using canvas not just as a place to store worksheets, powerpoints, etc.

Any ideas????

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I have an idea, but I'm probably going to tag the wrong people on it. While I was at InstructureCon at the end of July, I sat down with‌ at the product engagement couch and we talked about how Canvas is working with institutions to answer just this kind of question. It was something like (I'll probably get it wrong) them looking at institutions who were part-way through their contract and not fully using Canvas and they wanted to reach out to make sure that things were going well and offer places where there was potential for improvement. She had all kinds of wonderful charts that illustrated how many courses were using discussions or quizzes. Deactivated user‌ was another person in that area. I'm at a community college, but I think she said she primarily worked with K-12.

Beyond what Canvas [the people] may be able to do for you, you can obtain much of this information from Canvas [the software]. It's either available through Canvas Data or API calls.

What you're asking for gets at the quantitative aspect of it, which could lead into more, but the real discussion is in determining why people are or are not using it. It may be "it was too complicated to figure out" or "I need it to do X but it does Y". Those kinds of conversations would be more useful to my Canvas Admin than just whether or not people are using it: 


As a follow-up, I happened to pause on the home page of the Community (as opposed to going straight to my inbox) and noticed something you might want to check out:


Here's the link: Canvas Engagement Strategies 


Hey Thanks James...I have and can run analytics.  The resources below are more of what I was looking for.  Thanks so much for your help.

Community Team
Community Team,‌ has given you some excellent guidance. Following on that, I've shared the discussion with the Canvas Engagement Strategies‌ group to enhance its visibility. Since you're from the world, I've shared it with that group as well; perhaps other schools have developed similar resources or have come up with different approaches that can help you with this.


Thanks so much!!! We have been using Canvas in our County for about 5 years now and we have several on board utilizing it.  Just this year got a principal that is on board with having the teachers utilize it in a more meaningful way other than just storing worksheets and powerpoints in it.  He wanted a checkoff sheet, that he might could use when doing observations on the utlization of Canvas in their classroom, (not really assessing the teacher but where we need to go with training our staff in the future) if they are NOT using the tools available.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Maybe it's just me, but I read this part of the question a bit differently than everyone else... that we can show them there is room for them to grow as a teacher in using canvas not just as a place to store worksheets, powerpoints, etc

To me this request sounded like the person would like the checklist as a way to show faculty what they could be doing in their courses, not as a way to collect data on what they are doing in their courses.

For this I've got a couple of things I use with our faculty that I think help show them the different ways they could use (and upgrade) their use of Canvas. 

I start with this - Student Centered Learning: Canvas Instructor Training - and then go to this - Course Modalities: Canvas Instructor Training - and then end with this - Planning your course: Canvas Instructor Training (make sure to click through the tabs on each page). 

Hope this helps!


Yes... you are correct in your reading.  Sometimes my wording is not what I'm asking for.  

These resources are AWESOME!!!  

We have most on board, but we want them to see they are just at the beginning of what they can use Canvas for.  I try and cover their class for them to go and visit other teachers classes who are doing amazing things in Canvas with their students, but they come back and are like but I don't teach....How could I do that. (ARGGGGHHHH).  Seriously imagination people!


Excellent! Glad I was able to help!

Highlighted‌ that was the way I interpreted‌ comment as well, so I'm glad Gina is pointed at many of the great available resources. Gina you might try building a Showcase course for your teachers. Pick out a topic (maybe Learning Canvas) and build the course showing them the cool things they could be doing. Don't go crazy with things that can be done but that require such technical skills that you know in practicality your folks would never do or use, but just a solid, high-class, well designed course. Not only can you show people what can be done, but subtly encourage what should be done from an instructional design standpoint. It's also a great way when you're working with some one who is grousing a little, to say "here, let me show you something that I think would alleviate some of your concerns" and take them into your model course.

I would be happy to chat with you at any time -- not that you don't have a captive and awesome audience here, but sometimes I like to know I have a go-to person that I can contact outside the community as well as within.