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Canvas duplicated assignments to my SIS gradebook Synergy

I'm looking for help resolving an issue where Canvas is exporting our SIS Synergy and is duplicating the assignments for each student. Things I've done:

  • Cleaned up my assignments section
  • Double checked that my group names in Canvas are identical to Synergy
  • In the grades section of Canvas each assignment is only listed once. Not sure what to do.



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Same problem.  Only one of 4 classes did this though.  My solution was to change a grade for one person in Canvas and then resync.  Only one of the copies showed the changed grade.  I then changed the setting in Synergy (edit assignment) to Off for Show Assignment in Portal for the copy that didn't reflect the changed grade after resyncing.  Turns out that the copy in Synergy that didn't show the changed grade is not being averaged into the student's final score.  

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