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Canvas for Student Assessment of Instruction

Does anyone have a nice model on using Canvas to replace those #2 pencil and scantron versions of the student assessment of instruction that we all do during the last week of the semester?  We select instructor's courses for evaluation at random.  Anonymity is required. Course level access is required.  We do not have Qualtrix but could get it if Google Forms or Canvas Surveys are not sufficient.  

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Hello,  @rtyger .

If you're able to consider paid tools built specifically for student course assessment/evaluation, you may want to look at EvaluationKIT | Student Feedback Made Simple. They have a Canvas "turnkey" integration and are a premier alliance partner (, whatever that means...

Best regards,


Thank you.   I think your idea is better than using Qualtrix.  The AVP for Inst Research and Effectiveness and I are setting up an info webinar with Evaluationkit.  I will keep you posted.  I will discover the miracle that "turnkey" must be!  Smiley Happy