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Canvas has made my publisher content link invisible to students.

My LMS (Cengage) Link inclusive access link has suddenly become invisible in the student view.

I did not hide it. I checked my view (it shows) and made sure that I somehow didn't mess with it in settings

while sleepwalking or otherwise under the influence.

What can I do? It is the link to graded work the students need to access.

This is when the fact that this LMS has not actual tech support really infuriates me.

This cheesy stuff should not happen. And if it does, there should be an IT person available.

Not this shouting into the void.

I have contacted the publisher. But I don't think this is their issue. Therefore, I don't think they can help with a problem that CANVAS is causing.

Nancy Melucci

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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @drnanjo , based on the email address attached to your profile, it looks like you're teaching at Foothill College. Have you checked out the help links that are available in the Help menu of your Canvas course? The menu provides a direct telephone number to a 24/7 Faculty Canvas Support Hotline that faculty members can contact for assistance (I'm not repeating it in this global forum as the phone numbers are specific to each school). Contacting support directly would be your best course of action for immediate assistance.

Good luck!

Community Team
Community Team

Further to my earlier comment,  @drnanjo , I also found a telephone number for faculty at the bottom of this page on the school website (click the "For Faculty" dropdown to reveal it): Student & Faculty Support Center