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Canvas iOS app and Extenernal Apps(LTI)

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I don't much use the iOS app for Canvas as an administrator, however i was asked today about LTI tools not working in Canvas.  Looking at the IOS app video and guides here in the community I could not find anything that specifically said they are not supported.  Just that some features are not supported and to use the mobile browser for full experience.  It appears all LTI/external apps do not work, including the standard redirect tool.  Looking at my practice courses I could not get any external app in the left navigation to function.

Can someone please confirm that External Apps do not currently run on Canvas iOS app?  If this is the case is the is something that is being developed or should i steer my users to use safari instead?



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Justin,

As of today the iOS app should be able to view LTI tools. That feature update will be in our beta notes on Monday, but I believe it is actually in production.



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Just for clarification, erinhallmark, "LTI tools" are different than assignments that use external LTI tools, right? I ask because SoftChalk assignments and Turnitin LTI assignments still show as blank pages in the iOS app, which is a bummer. :smileycry:

Hi Dallas,

I forwarded your comment to our mobile support team. They've confirmed my previous statement, which still applies: some LTI tools created by third-party providers are not entirely mobile friendly, so they won't be able to be viewed in the app unless the provider updates the tool accordingly. Sorry about that. Smiley Sad


Thanks, Erin! What do I need to tell SoftChalk or Turnitin? Do I simply ask them to make their LTI tools more "mobile friendly," or is there something more specific I can say to give them the clearest feedback possible? 

Thanks Erin,

After doing some testing i have found most external tools now work in both the left hand navigation and when used with a module or assignment.  I actually talked with someone at the mobile tent at InstCon and we tested a lot of my LTI integrations and found the majority were working now.  Thank you for working on this!


Hi Justin,

Glad it is working for you!



I'm curious as to whether other Canvas Mobile Users‌ have noticed that in Canvas Student version 3.19.3, formerly accessible LTI tools placed in Course Navigation do not always load within the app anymore.

Seemingly, the 2015 fix has come undone.  At my institution, we are investigating and will likely submit a Canvas Support case soon once we have a clear finding.

 @RobDitto ‌, 

Are there specific LTIs, or all of them in the course nav causing issues? 

I have to look into that. Definitely report it! Even if it's a momentary blip, at least your are building a case. 

 @rseilham ,

It's the course navigation LTI tools from three Canvas certified partners: ForClassStudy.Net and Panopto. A few others still seem to work. It seems highly unlikely to me that these would all stop working in the same releases of Canvas Student (and also Teacher, and also on Android) at the same time.

We'll share iOS case numbers here once they've been assessed by Canvas Support. I can start a separate Answers thread for related Android situations (including Canvas Teacher) if desired.

Panopto case is 02741537, Study.Net case is 02741566. Both are attached to the same engineering ticket, and I'm told that the Partner Support engineer has been very active in advocating for a critical priority fix to Canvas Student. Here's hoping that fix passes QA shortly!