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Canvas is not propogating users names to WebEx, but it is a variable problem

We had our first Canvas class that's integrated with WebEx Training Center.  We had a large class of 20 students.  5 of the users the name didn't propogate into WebEx.

All five names had the label $  The other 15 users worked at expected.  Has anybody encountered this issue before?

Only idea I can come up with is to have the users clear the cache and cookies in the browser or try a different browser like chrome or firefox.



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Community Team
Community Team

Hi There,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with getting users propagated from Canvas into WebEx.  I am curious as to whether the five people that did not go through are in any way different from the 15 that did with respects to personal information?  Do the five not have email addresses stored in Canvas for example?