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Canvas module design suggestion


This isn't a question, I'm attaching a graphic of a module from my  online course. It shows a lay-out designed to break-up the monotony of seeing just a bunch of hotlinks, plus it segments course material with some visual clarity.  

I’m posting the graphic in case others might find the layout of interest.

Unfortunately, the indentation doesn’t work on a mobile application (at least not that I can tell), it only works on desktop PCs.  Yet I'm happy with the overall effect on a computer screen.

The black band was created using an ASCII code though I forget which one.

Chris Niemeyer

University of Missouri-St. LouisA screen capture of a module showing alternating indentations for hotlinks

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Hi there Welcome to the Community!

Since this isn't really a question, I'm going to flip this into a Discussion thread, hope that's ok with you!

When it comes to design stuff like this, it's awesome that you're sharing it!! A great place to go to collaborate with like minds on this would be to join the‌ group. They have lots of tips and tricks among the brains in there to help deck out your course to its full potential. Smiley Wink Also, feel free to poke around in the space since I believe you're a University teacher. Smiley Happy You can join those specific spaces and blog there, question, discuss, etc! You're totally fine to in the general discussion area as well, but you may get a more streamlined thought input when sharing it in multiple places.

Thanks for diving in. Can't wait to see what you find here! 


Hi Roxanne Conroy,

Thanks for the tip. It was my first day on this site... I found the ID section but it wasn't clear how to join it and there was some large discussion about some very technical issue... it was confusing, but I'll go back and look at it. I must have just missed how to join the ID group.

Yes, I am in Higher Ed so will poke around there, too. 

Thanks again!

Chris Niemeyer


Totally! It can be a little overwhelming on the first day. Smiley Happy 

You can join a group by navigating to the top right part of the page going to Actions and clicking "Join Group"


A good place to start is with those little headers in the grey bar. Content is where I usually navigate to, but you'll find a whole host of good stuff on the front page of the group that's trending!

More info on how to dig around in the community can be found by checking out the ! I lived in those guides for a while when I first started poking around. Smiley Happy 



Thanks for posting up a sample of something you have developed. Looks great.

In the interest of sharing and promoting online collaboration, here is something I have been working on as of late: 

267870_Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 10.33.59 am.png

I can't wait to see how others are building out their content/modules. 

- Am

#collaboration#sharing#learning community


Thanks Amelia! One can do indentations in Canvas so I figured, why not? Especially since my course has so many hot links, and they were just tedious to look at, one coming after the other.

It seems that your approach is to break-things down into readily-digestible portions. Your design looks clear! 🙂

Chris Niemeyer

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi cniem

I have a nice blog in The accessibility Group  on module design you might also like. You can find it at 

Thanks for sharing your module design tips. Greatly appreciated!



Hi Kelley,

Thanks for the info about your blog! Have started following it already.

I see that you highly recommend indentation and you even provide a screenshot example of how you use it for your course. We are thinking on the same track!

Chris Niemeyer