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Canvas studio external microphone recording as dual mono

How do I set up Studio to record a mono source (external microphone) as dual mono? When I record in Studio on the left audio channel is being recorded. How is Studio recording audio from external sources (single mono, stereo, or other?)?

Please explain how Studio can be set to record in dual mono so video playback is heard on both the left and right channels. When I playback Studio video recording, only the left channel is present.

Zoom video conferencing is set to mono by default, and other video recording platforms allow you to select dual mono. I can get dual mono by using a virtual audio mixer that converts to dual mono and selecting it as the input for Studio. It would be simpler if Studio allowed me to set dual mono recording.

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I have the same issue Dylan, I have a few audio devices that I can change the output routing of before the signal hits Canvas but this is problematic for my Focusrite 2i2 which does not. Back in the day I would use soundflower but I have very strict policies on what I can install on my work computer and I think soundflower is no more :(.  Dylan I hope you find a work around fits your needs, currently in a pinch I just record my video in OBS and post it in Canvas (which should also work on MKV support please) 


TLDR: Use Voicemeeter or similar audio mixer and set it up to record dual mono or just use Vimeo or similar and embed a link in Canvas.

Thanks, Freddy. I was able to work around this by installing Voicemeete and setting it to record dual mono. Don't trust Canvas to produce reliable audio so I've been using Vimeo and embedding a link in Canvas. Great workaround plus I control the video vs having it on Canvas. Look for the Vimeo student discount for a paid account. Vimeo's free account doesn't let you control your privacy. You can the same with Youtube but I prefer Vimeo.