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Canvas use by school social workers

Any school social workers use Canvas in anyway in schools?  I am in a K-6 building and in a district where many students use Chromebooks daily.  SEL links?  SEL curriculum courses?  Classroom teachers are active Canvas users and wondering how to join in the excitement...

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @vlickfelt  Welcome to the Canvas Community.

Recently Canvas has been used as a 'check-in' option with school support. I will ping  @kate_spencer ‌ as she has more info on that. 

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Hi  @vlickfelt ‌, 

I am currently working with a distance education school to provide access for remote students to school support workers, such as social workers and psychologists. The Canvas course allows students to access content both within the course and external agencies as well as enable students to web conference with support staff in a confidential manner. 

I am also working with some schools to create courses around self-regulation techniques to support their students. Is this what you were looking to do?

Yes. I am in an elementary school setting where Canvas is used in the

district and wanted to see if it could be used for social emotional

learning by the school social worker.