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Change time limit for one student for quizzes and tests?

I have a student who needs for time to take many quizzes and tests during my course. She has accommodations and other courses her instructor gave her more time to complete her work. The computer from my university controls the time limit on quizzes and tests and locks the student out if they go over the limit.  the student has accommodations from other courses that gave her more time to complete her work, but I haven't had to do this in the past; so, I'm needed some guidelines as to extending the time for only her and no one else in the class for quizzes and tests.  There are 30 quizzes and 7 tests during the 7 week course beginning August 24th.  Please send me some simple ways of helping my student be successful in this course on Art and Music Appreciation, but most of the course is testing only about music.


Kenneth Epps

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