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Changes to New Gradebook ???

Well, mama sys admin ain't happy, as well as about 450 faculty and countless students at my college.  The "eyeball" changes to the new grade book this past weekend (July 12 or so) is causing chaos. especially since it's the last week of summer classes when all the faculty are heavily dependent as they finish grading and submit final grades.

Hide instead of mute?  Yes, I have read the documentation.  But I need something like a quick explanation of what has changed, a cheatsheet for my faculty.  "If you want to hide, do this".  "If you want to show, do that".  Columns are automatically hidden now?  And there seem to be some interactions with students not seeing their quiz results / questions so they can study for the final -- now noted as "hidden".   We keep hearing from faculty, and can't tell what is "functioning as designed" and what might be a technical issue or bug with the update!

One page summary.  Simple language.  Anyone have something like this?

Crikey.  Makes me regret switching everyone to the new gradebook. Seems overly complicated. Thanks, Canvas.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi kburkes...

Besides the updated Guides for the New Gradebook, you may have already seen the latest Canvas Release Notes (from Saturday, July 13) that introduced the new features/icons to the Gradebook.  There are user summaries available for just instructors.  I'm not sure if these links will be of help, but hopefully so.

Yes, but we are having behaviors that are unexpected.  For example, I just finished grading an assignment (I teach also), and when the last item was graded, it automatically un-hid the column (i.e. the red eyeball went away).  I tried hiding and re-postings, and it never kicked off a notification to my students that grades were available.  Not happy.

Hi, kburkes‌, from what I've seen in the release notes to which Chris linked, our engineers are responding as quickly as possible to address reports of behavior that differs from what is described in the documentation. Please ask your instructors to initiate support tickets when this occurs if they haven't already, as that's the best way for us to resolve these issues quickly.

We are doing this, submitting tickets.  Are there a lot of issues with this new "hide" feature?  Just wondering if we are the only ones?

I don't have insight on that, kburkes‌, other than what I've seen in the comments section of the Canvas Release Notes (2019-07-13) .


Well, in looking at the chatter comments on the release notes, it looks like Canvas should have postponed the roll out of the hide feature until they worked out the bugs.  They knew there were issues as soon as it came out in Beta.

We have many tickets in, and Canvas L1 support is being very slow to answer. My personal question (as faculty) has sat there for two days with no response.

We switched to Canvas last year, and thankfully our roll out was smooth.  But it won't take too many bad updates like this to sour my faculty on the product.  I am quite honestly really surprised and kinda pissed that Canvas did not do more to prep us for this grade book change.  Putting such a MAJOR change out with just the regular routine release did not really prepare us for the MAJOR change this was and all the implications.  Not to mention all the bugs.

At this point I wish they would just roll back the changes and go back to the simple Mute system. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi - Did you see the update? Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-08-14)‌ I think this document and release really helps clarify the adjustments. I hope you and your colleagues think the same.


Poking around in Beta today, and noted that the gray "eyeball" is now being used on the left course menu to indicate hidden links.  That is, instead of the grayed out link indicating hidden, it now using the gray eyeball to indicate hidden.


Unless something has changed in the new gradebook symbols -- where using the "manually" posting policy puts the gray eyeball at the top of each grade column to mean the column is NOT hidden, the gray eyeball on the left menu items means it IS hidden.


This is not consistent.  Or maybe I have missed something.  All these gray and orange symbols for show and hide are getting confusing!

kburkes‌, the icons you're seeing in beta relate to a11y. If it remains in beta, it will be in the notes that come out this Monday, August 26; keep in mind there is a one-week delay between when beta deploys changes and release notes come out (the schedule is in What is the Canvas release schedule for beta, production, and test environments? ).