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Changes to New Gradebook ???

Well, mama sys admin ain't happy, as well as about 450 faculty and countless students at my college.  The "eyeball" changes to the new grade book this past weekend (July 12 or so) is causing chaos. especially since it's the last week of summer classes when all the faculty are heavily dependent as they finish grading and submit final grades.

Hide instead of mute?  Yes, I have read the documentation.  But I need something like a quick explanation of what has changed, a cheatsheet for my faculty.  "If you want to hide, do this".  "If you want to show, do that".  Columns are automatically hidden now?  And there seem to be some interactions with students not seeing their quiz results / questions so they can study for the final -- now noted as "hidden".   We keep hearing from faculty, and can't tell what is "functioning as designed" and what might be a technical issue or bug with the update!

One page summary.  Simple language.  Anyone have something like this?

Crikey.  Makes me regret switching everyone to the new gradebook. Seems overly complicated. Thanks, Canvas.

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Yes, what a nightmare!! I had a Canvas tech walk me through how to hide all of my grades through the Gradebook settings (Grade Posting Policy) for all of my classes and thought that would suffice. Imagine my surprise when students started responding to my comments and scores when I was still grading! Seems that we have to make sure the eye is red (tech called it orange) and "hide grades" again in the individual discussion forums or assignments! This is counter-intuitive and, frankly, frustrating. Hours of grading for my English comp and lit classes has now morphed into more hours of work fielding student email and feedback and trying to figure out whether the dang grades and comments are hidden or not. 

Please, go back to the way it was or create an easier way to hide grades. 

Kathryn Zipperian

this happened to me too...

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, all,

As a topic of interest, please see a blog posted by our product manager about potential changes to the icons: Post Policy Updates Feedback 



Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Kate,

I think it's safe to say that the eye icons in the new gradebook has been a challenge for everyone.  Since the last posts in this discussion there has been a lot more discussion in other threads and some updates.  Since most of the activity has occurred elsewhere I'm going to mark this one as assumed answered to help keep the current questions flowing. How we keep your questions flowing!