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Changes to Reports

Is there a blog or change log somewhere that Canvas documents changes they make to various reports? Specifically we use the Provisioning Report and every once in a while the columns change (most recent change: a new column has been added at the end of users.csv called "pronouns") - I'm trying to find out if these changes are documented somewhere or announced in some way?



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I think you might be looking for this page:


I did read through the most recent release notes, but I didn't see anything specific to reports being changed (unless I just missed it)? There was something about a change to a Report in the "Deploy Notes", but nothing about the change I referenced in my post above. Are changes to reports something they add to release/deploy notes? Or perhaps they announce or document those changes someplace else?


I think it all goes in the change reports.  But usually in advance of when it happened, so you might need to check an older report. You can comment on the reports and ask there also.