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Changing a Status in Gradebook

Hi,  I am new to Canvas.  I'm trying to have the status of each assignment show in the gradebook, but it is not doing anything.  I selected the colors (red for missing assignment) in the Status, but all of the missing assignments are still white with a horizontal line through them.  What am I doing wrong?


Jill Hansen

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @jillhansen - Welcome! I hope your introduction to Canvas has gone well! It's such a wonderful LMS with lots of flexibility for teachers. I'm glad that you found the Canvas Community, too! There are lots of Canvas users who are here to collaborate and to learn together.

When you try to change the status of the assignment in the gradebook, you shared that you see the colors and that you're able to adjust the status. If you click the little radio-button/circle next to the name, it should remember the setting. Are you able to close out of the card and refresh the whole gradebook? 

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