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Changing grade displayed as?

I have two assignments that I'm not going to grade and don't want to show up in my gradebook but were Google LTI assignments, so I couldn't put nongraded for the grade displayed as?  I'm trying to change it now that the kids have submitted it because I don't want it to show and it won't save.  I have done this on another assignments and it works but not these two.  Does anyone know away to fix this?


Gennie Grogan

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I don't know why it work on other assignments, but not on this one.  You might need help from canvas support to sort that out. 

In the meantime, you could set the assignment to be worth zero points, set display grade as complete/incomplete and check the box that says do not count towards the final grade.  It will show up in the gradebook, but only as complete or incomplete.  Since you are already satisfied that all students have submitted, you could set the default grade to complete and all students (that are not already marked incomplete) will be marked complete all at once.  That way students will see that the assignment is marked complete and it still won't count towards the total.

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