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Changing multiple Practice Quiz to Graded Quiz


I have just noticed a Practice Quiz score does not show up in Gradebook.

My problem is that I have more than 200 quizzes that I need to change the status of from Practice to Graded! I know how to do this individually, but with such a large number to change, it is very time consuming.

Is there a way to change the status of multiple quizzes at once?

Many thanks in advance.

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Navigator II

If you migrate your practice quizzes to new quizzes the new quiz will automatically be one that appears in the gradebook, and then you can publish the new quiz and unpublish the practice quiz.

If you do not yet have access to new quizzes you can turn it on in course settings > feature options.  With it turned on, there will be a new icon on the quizzes tab showing arrows in a circle.  Click that icon on each classic quiz that you want to transfer.  You do not need to wait for one to finish before the next begins.  It will make a duplicate quiz that is unpublished.  New quizzes are also automatically included in the assignment tab.  To adjust total points and due dates use the three dot menu on the assignment tab.  Check a few quizzes to ensure they migrated as expected, and then you can use the publish icon on either quizzes or assignments tabs to publish each quiz.  On the quizzes tab, also click the publish icon on each practice quiz to unpublish it.  This will save you a small amount of time, but the migrated quizzes will not automatically appear in modules.