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Changing the kind of page

If a page is already created as a submission, can I change it to a discussion? Or do I have to make a brand new page any time I want to change the type of "page" it is?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

HI @HollyT I'm trying to read between the lines here. 

Have you got a module made up of pages and you would like to add discussions to it? Or change the content of a page to become a discussion topic? 

Either of those possibilities have the ability to be changed. 

This guide will help you to edit an existing module

And a guide on how to edit existing module items:

Sing out if you need a hand. 


Thanks for the reply!

So for example, there is an existing page which is a "submission" only. I would like to turn it into a "discussion" with back and forth between students. Or maybe use a "quiz" page content but not actually assign the quiz - just using it as a regular "page". Really any change from one format to another - like you can do in power point for example. I know I can create a new discussion or page or whatever in the module, and then cut and paste info from one place to the new one, but I was hoping there was an easier way. 

Does that make more sense?


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