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Changing the start date

Help! I have tried to change the start date of my course to no avail.  I have another account set up as a student. When I look at the course using my fake student account, the course still says the start date is July 8th and not the new start date, which I set as an earlier date. Is there a way to change the start date to an earlier date than I initially set?  

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Hi Melvin,

You can change the start and end dates under Settings for the course, but unless you also check the "Students can only participate..." option with the dates, the default start and end dates for the Term will still be used.  (This one has gotten us, too!)

SeeHow do I change the start and end dates for a course? , where the "Limit Student Participation" section says:


  • Course override dates are only created if the Student Participation checkbox is selected.
  • If the Student Participation checkbox is not selected in Course Settings, students can participate in the course before and after the start and end date, and participation will always be determined by the term dates.
  • When the Student Participation checkbox is not selected, the course dates determine the placement of the course in the Past, Current, or Future Enrollments list for students.


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Yes, there is a way to do that. However, you are apparently doing that already. What might be going on is that your school has a different start date for the term and that is giving you problems. There is a guide that explains about term and course dates that might be useful. You'll find it here:

How do term dates, course dates, and section dates work in Canvas?

Hope this helps!