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Learner II

Christmas ideas in Canvas

Has anyone got some cool ideas for the silly season?

When students are a little distracted by festivities and teachers are trying to do last minute jobs before the holidays we all need that handy resource that could keep a few people engaged. In the Southern Hemisphere it's the end of the school year and teachers are moving classrooms, writing reports, getting ready for next year etc. AND it's HOT! 

Canvas is the perfect place to steer kids to for some festive fun. Ideas please!

A quick google shows loads of ideas. eg. Christmas  But some tried and tested ones would be magic. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I did find this gem of an idea  which is spreading Christmas Cheer within our Canvas Community. Perhaps we can revive it!


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I didn’t do much beyond changing the landing page. It isn’t much but it’s easy to change images ( use pixabay). 

New Year

Learner II

Nice and simple. I like it. Thanks lph



Last year, the Community Coaches put together 12 Days of Canvasmas‌. It was a lot of fun! 

I wonder what we can create for this year...

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Hi Kristin,

I'm a little behind...and this year (2019) I thought of the "12 days of Canvas"--student version. Visit the link for the modified lyrics linking to the Canvas student videos: It's for a "Door Decorating Contest" at our college. Cheers!12 days of Canvas-Door Decorating Contest


Last year we put up this system-wide announcement that all users would see on their dashboard. Practical but not very festive - I guess we should add some pictures this year!