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Chrome extensions wreaking havoc:)

We are having a lot of issues with students using chrome extensions to find meanings of words, context, etc during assignments / quizzes. Does anyone have solutions / thoughts of workarounds / fixes?

Thank you!!

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Community Member

Hi,  @shara .

We don't use it here, but many community members seem to like Respondus LockDown Browser.

Thanks for that Nelson.. I wasn't aware that Respondus works for extensions as well. That would be awesome! I've already scheduled a call with them. Thank you!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @shara ‌...

I wanted to check in with you because I noticed there hasn't been any new activity in this discussion thread since around the middle of April.  It looks like  @nr2522 ‌ provided a good answer for you, and you then scheduled a call with the folks from Respondus LockDown Brower.  I am hopeful that you were able to have a good conversation with them and learn more about their product to see if it might meet your needs.  If you feel that Nelson's response is "Correct", please go ahead and mark it as such.  But, if you are looking for more help or suggestions, please post a message below so that members of the Canvas Community can continue to help you.  For now, I am going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional replies below.  I hope that's okay with you, Shara.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.