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Citation best practices?

Are there best practices for how to cite sources in Canvas pages? Is it better to have a reference list at the end of each page, or one reference list at the end of the lesson? I'd appreciate ideas/input on whether one way or the other is more user-friendly for students.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @JL1979 -

I think it depends on how you'd like to feature your resources. I've seen some well-organized pages with resources/references built right into the assignment page. (In context with the instructions or smaller at the bottom, like a footnote). I've also seen it work well to have a resources/references list featured within a module so items were organized by unit. 

Either way, as long as you are consistent throughout your course, your students will appreciate it!

What do your colleagues do? Is there something you could do to create consistency for students at your school?