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Clarification Needed - Point Values for Outcomes Aligned to MC Quizzes

We are planning to set up program-level outcomes that can be linked into MC questions in question banks. I would like clarification on whether the MC question's point values must match the mastery point value of the outcomes.

Past information (including this 2015 post on Using Outcomes on a Quiz) suggests that if the MC questions are worth less than the outcome's mastery level, no students will ever receive mastery level scores in the Mastery gradebook.  This may be linked to a then-not-yet-functional feature of the process of linking outcomes to MC question banks. But I have seen the warning in other places as well. 

Other information (including this 2016 post on Outcome Mastery Levels and Pt. Values of Questions) seems to imply that the actual point value of the MC questions does not matter. It seems to say that the outcome mastery level is determined by the percent correct of the MC questions used compared to the percent mastery level set when attaching the outcome to the question bank.

Can anyone confirm for me which of these is correct? If we use a program outcome, do we need to dictate to faculty how many points MC questions must be worth? 


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