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Class Viewing Options?


I am a photography instructor and requiring my students to upload assignments via CANVAS. I'd like to view these photos as a class using our projector, but cannot figure out an appropriate way to display them. When I use Speed Grader there are a few different issues. The first being that the other students can see the class grade of the student who is highlighted in Speed Grader. Therefore a confidentiality issues, as I do not want students seeing other students grades...


289130_Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 4.10.41 PM.png

Is there a better way to view the submitted work in front of other students? Id like to use this CANVAS as a way to critique work. Is there a way to hide that information from other students?

Is downloading submissions a better way to view? 

Any advice is helpful. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @dropele  ~

It's always fun to find other art teachers in the Canvas Community!! Smiley Happy

You have a few options!

If you'd like to use Speedgrader, yet keep the identity of your students anonymous, there is a setting you can change. (How do I enable anonymous grading to hide student names in SpeedGrader?‌) This would be the fastest way to go from submission to class critique!

As an instructor, you can download all of the submissions of a specific assignment. (How do I download all student submissions for an assignment in SpeedGrader?) I've done this and then used the default image viewer. Be careful though; the student name becomes part of the newly downloaded file's name. Full-screen would keep the identity private.

If you have the time, and students are willing to do an extra step, I've created a Google Slides presentation and linked to it in an assignment or an announcement. Students can contribute their work to the slide deck, and you can share the collection of work in class, without worrying about students seeing others' grades (although, sometimes, this can be a good reflective opportunity) or who-took-which-photo.

I love your Google Slide idea AND you could embed that presentation right into Canvas if you wanted.