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Cloud assignment examples

I am building a professional development session for colleagues on Cloud Assignment. I understand the technicalities, but, as always, in-class application really drives the value of a new technology.

I have a few ideas on what it's good for and I'm looking for more:

What I've got so far is:

  1. guided notes
  2. writing outlines
  3. slide presentation template
  4. anything where I want students to both write and submit media (eg. copy/paste a screen shot of their current grades and write their plan for improvement)

 @kevins ‌,

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To elaborate briefly on #4 above, I teach high school students with special needs who are in general education classes a vast majority of their day. Part of my job is pulling them out of class to check in with them, including showing them their grades on our school information system (SIS). There are some problems with this.

  • Some don't like to leave class and therefore the conversation is limited by their impatience
  • It's a bit of a logistic mess to track all my kids down in the midst of my own inclusion teaching schedule and their various locations within a large campus
  • I want them to learn to manage more grade checking and planning on their own.

So, I have this idea that a blank document with a bordered table cell could be a place for them to paste a screen shot of their grades from the SIS and include a few words of how they plan to improve. This benefit of cloud assignment is that I can combine image paste with text reflection.