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Code showing up in answer choices

Hello,  I'm trying to write multiple choice questions for an upcoming math final exam and the equation editor seems to be working fine for entering equations in the statement of the question, but is printing the latex code after the answer choices.

Interestingly it doesn't appear to be impacting quizzes I previously wrote.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Surveyor II

I am experiencing the same problem. We are not alone. I submitted a ticket, and was told this is a priority. All we can do is wait for this to be fixed. It must be related to the Nov 18 deploy titled "MathJax Equation Enhancements."

Thank you!  I will try to wait patiently and hope it is fixed in time for me to get the final written.


We are having the same issue!!

Surveyor II

Our math teachers are reporting the same issue. Help 🙂