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Combining Multiple Announcements

Hello Everyone,

I have about 13 Beginning Class Announcements that I would like to condense into one Announcements.  How can I do that?  This is what I did:  I created the Announcements individually, then created another announcement with links to these announcements.  I have thought about creating a pages of the announcements and then creating an announcement with the pages.   I just want an efficient way to do this without having so many announcements at one time.  Thanks.



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! I like that you're thinking about all of this. That many announcements could be overwhelming, or the content could get lost. There's something appealing about making a page with the Introductory Information and then make a single announcement linking to that location. It will act like an ongoing archive for your students AND they'll be able to easily jump back to it from the (now shorter) Announcements list.