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Comments regarding your, "Admin Workflow...." (Video


In viewing your instructional video as a, VIMEO video as opposed to a Youtube video; I notice that there isn't an option for "CC" for those that need it. Does Vimeo not have a closed captioning option for viewers to use?  Please advise or otherwise point out where I can find this option.

Thank You.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @DJBonner1 ...

Could you please provide a link or describe you found a video for "Admin Workflow" here in the Canvas Community?  Thanks...


There is a VIMEO video that was / is uploaded as part of the, Canvas Practice Course. The video is narrated by, John Louviere (spelling ??) from the Univ / Utah. 

It's hard to find / get back to. If / when I find it again I will provide the link. It seems once you view it or tap out of it you can't go back to it as easily. Sorry. 

@DJBonner1 ...

Thanks for replying.  Based on your feedback, it almost sounds as though this Practice Course is something that is set up by folks at your school?  Would that be an accurate assumption?  If that's the case, you may need to reach out directly to the people at your school who created the video to inquire about captions.  If you were referring to official Canvas tutorial videos here in the Canvas Community website, most...if not all...of them I believe are captioned.